In 2011, I started blogging on environmental issues from an ethical and spiritual perspective, considering the complex factors that determine our daily choices. Rooted in the belief that addressing our earth's desecration is spiritual work, I have created the interactive workshops below to facilitate conversation on how we justly align ourselves with our planet and its inhabitants. How do we go beyond recycling and voting into a richer, deeper relationship with ourselves, each other and this abundant global home of ours?


Where do you want to go in your understanding of our planetary plight? My years of research and work in the environmental field can help. To accommodate your time needs, workshops can stretch from 30 minutes to multi-day retreats.  

Contact me about speaking to your group.

Here's what workshop attendees have said:

"Mary's depth of knowledge is impressive. She digs deep and makes her audience think." -Jessica C.

"Mary uses multimedia and the arts to elicit emotion that touches our hearts, minds and bodies and gently but surely moves us in productive ways." Josh E.

"Mary cultivates the necessary discomfort to reimagine this subject. She welcomes questions, dissent and leans into the challenge of deconstructing societal assumptions." Meg F.

"Mary's presentation was brilliant. A mix of activities, discussion and empathy to drive the point home." Pixie T.

"Mary's intellect and humility are a needed dualism to create space in which conversation and action, debate and engagement can occur. She has an awareness of her audience that draws you in." Rachel C.


Environmental Grief

Sustainable Living 101, part 2: DIY Home Products

Feminist Ecology

The Real Cost of Cheap

Sustainable Living 101: DIY Body Products

What's Under Your Sink?

Environmental Privilege: the Flip Side of Justice

The Who and How of Environmental Degradation

Parenting in the Era of Climate Change

Collective Action: It's Not What You Think

Ah, the Perfect Lawn

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