Think of the Possibilities

Why do we pursue our dreams in siloed ways? How can we help each other fulfill our ambitions and visions? Imagine if we saw opportunity for radical community in each other's aspirations and obstacles. Maybe my resources, connections and expertise can help you and maybe yours can help me.

Below are some ideas to create radical community. What are yours? Click the Contact Me button below to share your ideas, needs or resources.


Maybe we can help each other make our dreams reality.

Imagine If...

  • local eaters could access local farmers like they do grocery stores.

  • artists could barter time and talent for studio space.

  • we could renovate a building to be off-grid and self sufficient while providing folks in the construction trades hands on training and certification.

  • we could prepare our communities for the future they will have with climate change.

  • gyms could be retrofitted to produce rather than consume energy.

  • neighbors could buy solar energy together.

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